QBGraph is a program, which was developed for drawing graphs of user-defined mathematic functions. It's ideal tool for solving equations (using numeric method) or just to investigate courses of various functions. I think it's my most usefull utility (and last) written in QBasic and that's why it has it's own page decorated with some screenshots.

The program is written in QuickBASIC and it's free. You can download the latest available verison on this page.

Main features:

  • up to 4 functions at the same time
  • graph types:
    • standard rectangular X-Y
    • 3D X-Y-Z wireframe
    • polar φ-R
  • derivation (up to 4th grade)
  • definite integrals (graphic and numeric)
  • zoom, moving on graph
  • grid, numeric labels
  • parametrized graph
  • mouse controlled
  • ability to print output on printer
  • NEW: generating WAVs from functions



RAR QBGraph 4.9

If you find a bug, please report it to me.

2003 [CZ]Skalda